The first week using Red, Blue, Green, and coaching with Curt Whipple we made a $900,000 annuity sale on our first attempt. In the first month using RBG, we exceeded our total sales of the last 6 months from the previous year. I can recommend Curt and RBG software to any advisor looking to get more production from each prospect or client visit. —Dan R. VA

Working with Curt has been a valuable asset to my company. His software has been the shining light when it comes to having my clients understand their files and in turn, ensure that I close many, many more deals. I am able to close higher amounts in one appointment, saving me time and clarity to my clients. —Matt D. NJ

Curt helped me in using his proprietary software which has allowed me to tackle much bigger clients than I ever felt possible, and even more clients from $200k-$2m and they all seem to get it. The software is easy to understand and helps make the sale because they can understand the sale much better. This in turn helps my bottom line of production.

IMO's only give you so part of what you need. For me, Curt helps me close the gap and helps close the deals. I consider Curt to be way more than a coach. I consider him a friend. He has been truly great. I wish there were more guys in the industry like Curt. —Mark K. GA

I had one prospect go to my dinner event and thought he would want to invest $300,000 in an annuity. When he came back, I decided to try out the RBG Concepts presentation. He immediately decided to do $550,000 after seeing RBG. He sent me a referral who came in thinking about $100,000. After presenting RBG, this prospect decided instead to do $850,000 into an annuity. Finally, I had a third prospect intending to invest $20,000 to “put his foot in the water” and after RBG changed his investment to $750,000. $2.1 million of annuities…not bad for my first week with RBG Concepts! —Lawrence O. LA